Digital facsimile of Emory chronicle roll

On February 27-28, 2018, I organized and hosted a graduate workshop on “Digital Editing and the Medieval Manuscript Roll” featuring Emory’s fifteenth-century chronicle roll. The workshop is part of a series of graduate workshops organized by DEMMR. During the Mirador for Medievalists workshop at Yale in July 2018, I, along with Joshua Kim, discovered that the Emory roll is part of the same chronicle roll tradition as a manuscript owned the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. The Canterbury Roll is available online in a full digital edition. Following the workshop, I posted the facsimile below (a zoomable image file) in order to make the manuscript accessible for study by other scholars and the public.

The co-instructors for the Emory workshop were Eric Ensley (Yale University), Gina Hurley (Yale), Ann Killian (Yale), and Elizabeth Hebbard (Indiana University). Workshop participants: Jacob Abell (Vanderbilt University), Hannah Abrahamson (Emory University), Kimberly Tate Anderson (Florida State University), Amanda Bohne (University of Notre Dame), Britt Boler (Florida State), Yoel Castillo Botello (Georgetown University), Harley Campbell (University of South Florida), Nicole Corrigan (Emory), Mary Grace DuPree (Emory), Erin Kate Grady (University of North Carolina), Tina Montenegro (New York University), Brittany Poe (University of Tennessee), Jessica Hope Roberts (University of Georgia), and Erica Weaver (University of California, Los Angeles).