Student Work


DavisMAMateriality analyses. Medieval Heroes and Monsters (first-year writing course, Eng 181), Fall 2015.

For this composition, students analyzed the material context of a medieval manuscript. I provided students with links to several fully digitized manuscripts, while some chose to find their own medieval manuscript in consultation with me. Students published these materiality analyses on their websites, and thus they considered the rhetorical possibilities of digital publishing as well as the more general audience (educated but not specialists) that might read these compositions.

ResearMarginality and Monstrosity in the Hereford Mappamundich projects. Medieval Heroes and Monsters (first-year writing course, Eng 181), Fall 2015.

In this research project, students explored a monster of hero figure from a medieval literary text or artistic work. Students were free to select a figure from one of the texts or images we read in class, or they could find one on their own. Each student’s research paper utilized scholarly sources to make an argument about the way exemplarity or monstrosity was constructed in a particular text, manuscript, or image. Each student shared her/his project with the class in a final multimodal presentation.

Research projectsBrosh projects. Women’s Auto/biographies from the 3rd century to the 21st (first-year writing course, Eng 101), Spring 2016.

In these researched rhetorical analysis papers, students selected one of the auto/biographies we read in the course and explored specific rhetorical strategies the author employs. Each student’s research paper utilized scholarly sources to enhance her/his own argument about the auto/biography.