Teaching with medieval manuscripts, fragments, and an early twentieth-century Hebrew scroll of the Book of Esther in Emory’s Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library.

My interests in book history and manuscript studies inspire my teaching, including courses on medieval and early modern literature, women’s literature, and linguistics. To situate literary works within material and cultural contexts, I design courses that prompt interdisciplinary and comparative inquiry. To learn more about my materially-engaged pedagogy, visit my page on “Teaching with Material Culture.”

I have designed and taught a variety of courses on medieval and early modern literature, often with a focus on manuscripts and material culture, art, and/or gender. In addition to literature, I teach linguistics, including “History of the English Language” and an online summer course on “Intercultural Discourse” for students undertaking global internships. I also have significant experience in curriculum design for first-year writing, as I served as the Graduate Coordinator for First-Year Writing at Emory for two years, and I have taught several of my own first-year and continuing writing courses.

At Emory, I taught courses on “Medieval Literature and Art,” “Medieval Heroes and Monsters,” and “Women’s Auto/Biographies from the 3rd Century to the 21st.” During the 2018-2019 year, I am a Mellon Fellow at Agnes Scott College, where I am teaching two upper-division literature courses: “Shakespeare and the Medieval Tradition” and “Like a Virgin: Gender and Sexuality in Medieval and Early Modern European Literature.” For a full list of my courses, including course descriptions, syllabi, and course websites, visit my “Courses” page.

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