Kalamazoo 2016: Women’s Words session announcement

With Lainie Pomerleau (University of Georgia), I have organized a special roundtable session on “Women’s Words” for the 2016 International Congress on Medieval Studies.

Women’s Words: Female Instruction in the Medieval British Isles
“‘Ne shal not Blancheflour lerne with me?’: Depicting and Actualizing Female Learning in the Auchinleck Manuscript”
Emma Osborne, University of Glasgow

“‘Ye do the wrong and not the ryght’: Women’s Advice and The Erle of Tolous
Sarah Lindsay, Milligan College

“Teaching by Example: Julian of Norwich’s Devotional Hermeneutics”
Jessica Barr, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

“The Unhelpful Wife: Comparing Women’s Advice in the Early Irish Tales ‘Bricriu’s Feast’ and ‘The Tale of Mac Da Thó’s Pig”
Jennifer L. Knight, University of South Florida

“‘Venomous Allurements’: Narrative in Women’s Conduct Manuals”
Sarah Mayo, University of Georgia